October 29, 2018 EpicTogether Leadership Communication Briefing


October 29, 2018

Key Communication Points:

  • Saba Learning Management System will be used for Central Registration for Epic Training.
  • Build Wave 3 is 46% complete and on track for completion for the third week of adoptions sessions November 13th-16th.
  • EpicTogether has launched “EpicTogether AMAZING” through the Great WorkTM platform to enable the tripartite team to acknowledge the amazing work they accomplish for patients and colleagues.

Key Events:

​Leadership Meeting Updates
CMIO Weekly Update
Epic Finance Weekly Meeting
Cornell Chiefs of Service Update
Tripartite CMO Clinical Operations Biweekly Call

​Key EpicTogether MeetingsACMIO Office Hours
Infrastructure Weekly Follow-up
Weekly Enterprise Project Review
Training Advisory Group Initial Meeting
CLG Weekly Call

​EpicTogether Engagment Events
​Shared Notes and Compliance Demo with Penn
​EpicTogether Inpatient booth at NYP WCM Engagement Expo