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March 11, 2019

Key Communication Points:

  • The Training team has successfully reviewed the training materials for Bucket 1.
  • Logistics in preparation for training such as room reservations, computer equipment, badge access readers, training furniture and many other items are in progress.
  • The Integration team has completed the data collection phase of mapped record testing for both Wave 1 and 2 systems.

Key Events:

​Leadership Meeting Updates​Columbia Directors of Service Update

​CMIO Weekly Update

Epic Finance Weekly Meeting

​Cornell Chiefs of Service Update
​Key EpicTogether MeetingsACMIO Office Hours
Infrastructure Weekly Follow-up

Weill Cornell Magnet Site Visit

Weekly Enterprise Project Review

Weill Cornell Magnet Site Visit
Epic Monthly Governance Day
Weill Cornell Magnet Site Visit
CLG Weekly Call
Weill Cornell Magnet Site Visit
​EpicTogether Engagement Events

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