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“As a Nursing SME working on the Epic project, I’m using my clinical and informatics expertise to guide our nurses in decision-making, as well as content development. Sharing my knowledge with other SMEs from across NYP is a great way to open dialogue between all of our sites in order to achieve a common goal of standardization. I’m leading by example as a nursing SME at this exciting time at NYP.”

Ellen Arigorat, MS, RN, PCCN
Clinical Informatics Coordinator-Perioperative Services


“Having nursing representation at the forefront of the development process helps integrate key patient care attributes and standardize policy. Being intricately involved in the direction sessions and as a Nursing SME has been rewarding, and a learning experience, as it allows for sharing of ideas around best practices and workflow efficiency. Participating in the development of the future electronic health record excites me for what is to come for our patients and the medical teams, in addition to the long-term benefits for NYP as a whole.”

Courtney Balsam, MSN, RN-BC
Clinical Nurse Manager, 2 Field East & 2 Field West


“Being a Nursing SME on the EpicTogether project has been an amazing experience. Through my coursework at Molloy College and as Clinical Adjunct at Mercy Hospital, I have been exposed to Epic. Given the differences in user interface, it will not be a mirror Allscripts SCM. That said, Epic will be a great addition and I’m excited to see what it can do at NewYork-Presbyterian. My time in nursing content review groups has been rewarding and it is amazing to take part in all of the detailed work that goes into bringing the system live.”

Andrew Vizueta, MS, RN, CCRN
Department of Professional Development and Education