Voluntary Medical Staff & Community Based Providers

The NewYork-Presbyterian, Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia Doctors voluntary provider group and community based provider collaborators have the ability to request Epic access for themselves and their office staff. The NY Consortium Site agreement must be signed by the provider and sponsor prior to requesting Epic access.

Please see the two options for access below and complete the process for your appropriate selection.

EpicCare Link

EpicCare Link is a web application that allows community based providers and collaborators to view clinical data, receive notifications on patient events, place outpatient orders and view patient charts. The use cases include Community providers and practices and Community Based Organizations. EpicCare Link should be used for those providers who refer patients to the hospital such as referrals to the ED, Radiology or Lab outpatient orders, etc.

Epic Hyperspace

Epic Hyperspace is a web application that allows voluntaries who perform surgeries, procedures, supervise patients or round at the hospital to view clinical data, and receive notifications on patient events, place orders and view patient charts. Hyperspace allows for the use of the Prep-for-Procedure workflow by entering a case request order to schedule surgeries or procedures.

How do I get access?

 In order to get an EpicCare Link or Epic Hyperspace account please complete the steps listed below:


  1. To start the electronic signature process for the NY Consortium Site agreement, please fill out the Legal Agreement Request Form with the MD information who will be signing the legal site agreement for access - (automatically set to you electronically from email address 'Adobe Sign <echosign@echosign.com>')
    • Voluntary Medical Staff only complete this step if requesting access for your office staff otherwise please go straight to #2 for your personal MD access request.
  2. Select your sponsor
    • Please enter either sponsor below when completing your access request form in step 3
      • Chief Medical Officer
      • Cheif Medical Information Officer
  3. Complete the smartsheet request form for your office staff access. Please ensure you select the appropriate link below. Ensure each user has a CWID
    • Community Based Provider and/or Office Staff fill out and submit EpicCare Link request form – link here.
    • Voluntary Medical Staff and/or Office Staff fill out and submit Epic Hyperspace request form – link here.
      •  Once the request form is completed, the Information Security team will help create a CWID for each user. The training team will help enroll each user to the appropriate training. The technology team will assist with the setup of Duo mobile.
        • Ensure each user has a CWID
        • Ensure Duo mobile is set up for each user (a text will be sent to their mobile phone for setup).
        • Ensure each user is signed up for appropriate class and completes training.
4. Log into EpicCare Link or Hyperspace from your office. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Who are Sponsors?

Sponsors are internal Columbia, Weill Cornell Medicine or NewYork-Presbyterian staff who will function as the point person for the community based provider and practices. Sponsors will help ensure that users will follow protected health information guidelines when given access to Epic tools. Sponsors can assist with the request of CWIDs, register users for training in the Saba system and confirm continued access on an annual basis. The following roles can qualify as a Sponsor:

  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO)
  • Senior Vice President

2.      Can my staff get access to EpicCare Link and Epic Hyperspace?

You can request EpicCare Link and Hyperspace access for clinical staff, non-clinical staff and office administrators in your practice. Since you and your clinical staff will have access to patients' medical records, the NY Consortium Site Agreement will need to be signed, EpicTogether training completed, electronically signing the terms and conditions, and abiding by rules of patient confidentiality.  There is a limit of two staff members per provider who can be given access to Epic.

3.      What is the NY Consortium Site Agreement?

The NY Consortium Site Agreement is a tripartite legal document for community based provider collaborators to agree that they will follow protected health information guidelines when given access to Epic tools. 

4.      What is a CWID?

The Center Wide ID, (or "CWID," pronounced "seaweed"), is a unique identifier consisting of a seven character username assigned to all faculty, staff, and students. This ID is used to log into most major Weill Cornell Medicine, Columbia and New York-Presbyterian computing systems. This is a different identifier than the Uni used by Columbia users.
  1.  CWIDs are inactivated if they are not used for a period of time and each institution has specific time periods. To reactivate CWIDs or any issues in regards to organization CWIDs please contact the numbers below:
    1. NYP and Columbia: 212-746-4357
    2. Weill Cornell: 212-746-4878

5.      Should I use EpicCare Link or Epic Hyperspace?

Voluntaries who perform procedures, supervise patients or round at the hospital should use Epic Hyperspace. Community providers who do not perform functions in the hospital and want access to patient charts should use EpicCare Link. Community providers with a formal affiliation with the Consortium (e.g., those with adjunct faculty appointment) will receive full Link access. Community providers who do not have formal affiliation with the Consortium will only be able to place orders for labs/radiology/outpatient services referral, and will only see lab/radiology results of the orders they place.

6.      Will EpicCare Link or Hyperspace require a specific browser or technology?

Internet access is required and browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox are supported. Chrome is recommended.

7.      How Do I log into Epic once I complete my training and have access?
    • Sign into your PC with your normal credentials.
    • Open a web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
    • CareLink: Log into EpicCareLinkNYC.org
    • Hyperspace: Log into apps.nyp.org
    • Authenticate via Duo
    • Click on Epic icon, then login. 
Technical Assistance
  • Duo Mobile
    • For more info in regards to Duo Mobile access please see details here
    • NYP Duo Mobile Support Line: 212-746-4357: Option 6 and then Option 2
  • CWID
  • For workflow and functionality questions send an email to the
    • EpicTogether Link team at epictogetherlink@med.cornell.edu
    • EpicTogether Hyperspace at epictogetherhyperspace@nyp.org

Tip Sheets