About Epic Training

About Epic Training

General Information

Training Fun Facts

  • 66% of the U.S. population (Approximately 200M people) are treated using Epic EMR technology.
  • Over 90% of medical students and residents are educated at academic medical centers that use Epic.
  • For the first Epic go-live at the CUIMC Campus, the EpicTogether Training Team, consisting of 18 Principal Trainers, 101 Credentialed Trainers, and 144 Specialist Trainers, delivered training to 23,000 end users, which included more than 4,000 providers.
  • For the second Epic go-live at the WCMC Campus, the EpicTogether Training Team will deliver an unprecedented go-live training program that is completely virtual to over 16,000 end users, which includes more than 4,000 providers.