Revenue Integrity

Revenue Integrity

NYP employs more than 2500 staff and management who play some role in registering, coding, billing, and collecting for the high-quality healthcare services provided to its patients every day. However, everyone including clinical, hospital, and revenue cycle operations plays a crucial role in revenue integrity to ensure all services delivered to our patients are timely, accurately, and completely documented and captured. NYPH Finance has worked with hospital operations and senior leadership to identify "Charge Champions." Charge Champions are the most qualified individuals who have deep knowledge of the clinical care (services and procedures) provided within their department or unit and have strong relationships with clinicians and operational staff to influence and be accountable for performance. Charge Champions will:

  • Perform charge reconciliation and review charging error workqueues (for Inpatient units, this will ONLY relate to ensuring documentation is complete and room and board assignments are accurate)
  • Identify, triage, and resolve charging workflow issues
  • Determine short and long-term trending in documentation issues that affect charge capture
  • Work with department leads and clinicians to implement successful charging workflow adoption and process improvement

This Revenue Integrity section provides resources for Charge Champions and Revenue Integrity, including education and tools, monthly emails communications, workflow overview videos, and upcoming activities.

While the Charge Champion concept and workflow is new, the organization-wide responsibility to revenue integrity exists today...and with Epic, it's simpler, faster, and better than ever!

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