Technical Dress Rehearsal


TDR Playbook GL2

Question Answer
What is TDR?

Technical Dress Rehearsal (TDR) gives the technical teams and application teams a chance to verify all end user devices are deployed and configured correctly for use with Epic.


Successful TDR is key to a successful Epic Go-Live.


When is TDR happening?TDR for the East Campus Epic Go-Live will run from August 3rd - September 18, 2020 for NYP/Weill Cornell, Lower Manhattan, NYP Westchester Behavioral Health Center, and Weill Cornell Medicine
Who does TDR, and what is tested?

The technical team will complete testing to ensure all hardware functions as expected during Go-live, and will test hardware configuration for devices that include:

  • Epic access
  • Workstation and login scenario setups
  • Printers
  • Peripherals (e.g. barcode scanners, document scanners, cameras, dictation devices)
  • Business Continuity Access (BCA) application

    Testing will be completed in the dproduction environment and will involve physically testing all devices and technical configurations users will use after Go-live 
When will TDR testers come to my unit/area?

TDR schedule is being finalized, and can be viewed here. Please plan to have staff cooperate with the technical team so they can access all devices when onsite doing testing. 

We ask that a point person be responsible to help the technical team with any issues with access or with locating devices that need to be tested.

Don't Move Devices!

Don't Move Devices!!

  • Considerable time and effort has gone into the planning, procurement, and placement of devices (e.g. workstations, printers, scanners) in preparation for the Epic Go-Live on October 2, 2020. It is imperative that these devices not be moved.
  • Unapproved equipment moves require considerable re-work and additional disruption in the department. Devices that are moved without using the formal request process will NOT work when we go live with Epic on October 2, 2020. Also, please do NOT remove signs or tags affixed to devices.
  • If you need to move a device, please submit a ticket via ServiceDesk portal or contact 4-HELP.