October 8, 2018 EpicTogether Leadership Communication Briefing


October 8, 2018

Key Communication Points:

  • 122 Adoption Sessions occur this week with 13 requiring executive engagement.
  • The Epic Together Integration Team completed internal review of interface test scripts for all Wave 2 systems, with 25% of Wave 2 functional testing kick offs already completed ahead of schedule.
  • The training team is ~85% complete with Role Shadowing and ~45% complete with Role Validation.

Key Events:

​Leadership Meeting Updates
Columbia Directors of Service Update
CMIO Weekly Update
Epic Finance Weekly Meeting
​Cornell Chiefs of Service Update
Cornell Leadership Town Hall
​Key EpicTogether Meetings​Infrastructure Weekly Follow-up
Clinical Decision Support Governance Meeting
Adoption Sessions Day 5

Adoption Sessions Day 6
Disaster Recovery Planning Meeting #3
Adoption Sessions Day 7
CORe Monthly Meeting
CLG Weekly Call
​Adoption Sessions Day 8

​EpicTogether Engagment Events