October 1, 2018 EpicTogether Leadership Communication Briefing


October 1, 2018

Key Communication Points:

  • Epic Hosting will patch windows servers on October 1, 2018 8-9AM. This will impact POC, TST, TSTRPT, MPE, REL, SUP environments during that time frame.
  • We are on track for Build Wave 2 to complete on October 8, 2018.
  • Training team is in process of securing approximately 50 training rooms to train over 17,000 end users for the first go-live.

Key Events:

​Leadership Meeting Updates​Columbia Directors of Service Update

CMIO Weekly Update

Epic Finance Weekly Meeting
Cornell Chiefs of Service Update
Tripartite CMO Clinical Operations Biweekly Call
NYP Columbia Campus Leadership Town Hall
​Key EpicTogether Meetings​ACMIO Office Hours
Infrastructure Weekly Follow-up
EpicTogether PMs
Uptime (Allscripts/Epic)
Overview Training for Tech Team

Weekly Enterprise Project Review

ServiceNow Design
Tech Touchbase
Login/User Experience
Desktop Experience (WCM Apps/NYP Space)
Disaster Recovery Leads

Disaster Recovery Planning Meeting #2

CITG General Meeting
Post-Migration DR Exercise
CLG Weekly Call
Shared Infrastructure Committee
Scanning, Faxing, and Transcription
CORe Prep
BCA Committee
Login/User Experience
​EpicTogether Engagment Events