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November 12, 2018

Key Communication Points:

  • The third week of Adoption Sessions occur this week with completion of the last third of >350 sessions. Workflows to be adopted are available on the EpicTogether Website.
  • Preliminary information on the required number of STS, CTs, and SuperUsers expected this week, with completion of role validation on track for November 30th.
  • Parallel Revenue Cycle Testing and Integrated Testing across NYC scenarios will be reviewed and aligned for efficiency and comprehensiveness in the Testing Program.

Key Events:

​Leadership Meeting Updates​Columbia Directors of Service Update

CMIO Weekly Update
Epic Finance Weekly Meeting
​Cornell Chiefs of Service Update
​Tripartite CMO Clinical Operations Biweekly Call
​Key EpicTogether Meetings
ACMIO Office Hours
Infrastructure Weekly Follow-up
Weekly Enterprise Project Review
Nursing Required Documentation Session

CLG Weekly Call
ARCR Monthly Meeting

​EpicTogether Engagment 

Adoption Sessions
Day 9
​Adoption Sessions
Day 10
​Adoption Sessions
Day 11
Adoption Sessions
Day 12

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