Go-Live Plan

Go Live Plan


Cutover FAQ

Will all future outpatient appointments and cases in legacy systems be migrated to Epic?

Yes, all future appointments and cases will be manually entered in Epic. Dual scheduling will be live after appointment conversion weekend (1/11/20-1/12/20) meaning schedulers will use Epic to make updates to appointments scheduled 2/1/20 and beyond.

Will all patients in SCM be marked as 'discharged' upon cutover to Epic, or will there be a grace period?

All patients will be discharged in Eagle during the downtime and admitted into Epic.

How far back will Epic have ADT data?

All patients and all future appointments will be in Epic. Historical data will not be in Epic and legacy systems will need to be referenced.

What system will be used to charge for patients seen during the cutover period?

Outpatient Hospital, Inpatient Hospital, and ED visits will be billed out of the legacy system if the patient is discharged prior to the downtime (11:59pm on 01/31/2020). If the patient is discharged either during or after the downtime, the visit will be billed out of Epic. A charge conversion will be run to import charges from Eagle into Epic.

What happens with results for orders placed in SCM but resulted during downtime or after Epic is live? Will Epic be receiving unsolicited results from the ancillary systems?

Epic will receive the unsolicited result and will auto-create an order in the background. System of origin and Epic will receive the result.

How will critical patient information be entered into Epic prior to the Go-Live?

For patients with an outpatient appointment scheduled on or after 2/1/20, clinical staff will abstract certain clinical information from legacy systems into Epic over the course of three weekends, starting in December. This includes Problems, Allergies, Medications, Immunizations as well as other specialty specific info.

For patients that remain admitted after the downtime (11:59pm on 01/31/2020), select staff will abstract information such as active med and non-med orders, HWA, LDAs, and Vitals. The cutover event begins on 1/30/20 and continues until the downtime.

What is the MRN Strategy for the Epic Go-Live(s)?

There will be one identifier for one patient record (Enterprise Medical Record Number) which will be used by all users in Epic. This will lead to consistent integration with downstream systems.

Epic will become the source of truth for patient identity starting with each campus' respective Go-Live date (e.g. 2/01/20 for the West Campus, 11/01/20 for the East Campus, etc.)

During the rollout, Epic and MatchMetrix/Eagle will share MRN generation until the Enterprise Epic rollout is complete. MatchMetrix will continue to assign EMPIs at the current range until the date Epic becomes the source of truth. Once Epic is live, MatchMetrix will accept the new MRN from Epic for new patients.

All location specific legacy MRNs will still be loaded, searchable and viewable in Epic.

  • NYC Abstraction Conversion Cutover Resources for Go-Live 1
  • Clinical Chart Abstraction: Migration of clinical data from legacy systems into Epic for patients with an appointment the first few weeks post Go-Live.
  • Patient Movement Day: A walkthrough of common and complex patient movement workflows. This session educates end users and operational leaders about how our integrated patient movement workflows will change after Go-Live.

Manual Appointment/Case Conversion: Manual conversion of patient appointments, registration information and surgical cases from the legacy systems into Epic.