Get Ready - Physicians

Get Ready 3. Logina. System Log-in (production)b.Validate role and assignmentc. Login-in lab survey 4. SystemCheckpoints a. Print something out of Epicb.Write a note/create a document in Epicc. Log into CareTeam (Inpatient)d. Prepare a Patient Chart 6. Mobile Readya. Haikub.Test call on jabberc. Send Secure message 8. Enrollment in EPCS 9. Support Contact Informationa. Tech Stopsb. Super Users 1. Training b. Live Training by Video Conferenced. CME completion a. Personalization concierge session completionb. Personalization milestones i. SmartPhrases/Macros ii. Orders iii. Preference Lists iv. Inbasket v. Reports 2. Personalization b. Training completion 5. Day in the Life a. Confirm Practice / Department / Unit completion 10. Epic Launches Test “tap and go” on enabledcomputers to confirm IDcards work. 7. M*Modala. Registrationa. E-learning completionc. Use of playground environment