Archival Strategy

What is Harmony Health Data Archiver?​

An archiver that provides access to the historical records of patients. Harmony extracts demographic, financial, clinical and administrative data from hundreds of healthcare applications- both ambulatory and acute.  

The Data Archiving Project is underway. The selected vendor for the project is Harmony
Health Care IT. The application name is HDA.
Applications are being archived for the following reasons:
• Apps retiring due to EPIC implementation
• Apps retiring due to PSD acquisitions
• Apps retiring due to decommissioning servers
The project is responsible for archiving legacy data across the New York consortium.
Some of the advantages of Data Archiving project are below:
• Increased productivity for users as they will be able to access archived records across
    multiple applications for a single patient
• Better quality of care as users will spend less time navigating through legacy systems
• Reducing costs as legacy system maintenance & support contracts are phased out
• Ensures regulatory compliance for retention of data
• Significantly increases operational productivity
Once Epic goes live, and legacy data is loaded in Harmony, users will be able to access the
data through H.D.A. via single sign-on from Epic.

Epic: Health Data Archiver - Managing HDA

Epic: Health Data Archiver - Navigating HDA

Epic: Health Data Archiver - Printing Training

Epic: Health Data Archiver - Transaction Posting